Expanded Sales of School Supplies launch at Nomin

Happy new academic year to the thousands of kids who are soon to start schooling and the students and youths who are to continue pursuing their studies.

Celebrating a new academic year, Nomin is happy to announce you that:

  • School notebooks ranging from the one as cheap as MNT99 only;  
  • Select brands are on up to 50% sale;
  • New releases of products from 2018 are available;
  • Buy pencils, 12-piece colored pencil sets, and rulers of Maped brand at lower prices than everywhere else;
  • Buy the knowledgeable notebook from Nomin at the factory price.
  • Expanded Sales of School Supplies launch at Nomin

The expanded sales of school supplies will launch at the State Department Store and the Exhibition Hall of the Naadam Center on 10 August 2018.  

Nomin has everything you need to get back to school