GORENJE brand set an announcement for competition on Facebook

Gorenje brand prepare a surprise for family who are interested in buy some electronic products or looking for precious gifts for wedding, It is we announced competition on Facebook which is 7 lucky person in a week.

Competition: From 13th of June to 19th of June

Competition guideline:

1. You have to share this post on your timeline which is privacy in Public and mention 3 friends

2. You have to selfie with products which is your wanted to buy 30% discount product and have to post on your Facebook page with #NominGorenje hashtag and also privacy in Public.


Winners will receive own 30% discount product which is product on your selfie

The day of the winner:

From 14th of June until 20th of June /winner of 13th of June will show on 14th of June and the winner of 14th of June will show on 15th of June etc…/

Pleace participate activley and Good luck on your competition