Nomin Holding sponsor partner at official live stream 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Nomin Holding is preparing for live streaming 2018 FIFA World cup showing by Monel screen at front of the State of Department Store. We are live streaming in 2018.06.15 to 2018.07.15. Thereby, we had successfully installed Monel LED screen and working for improving screen sound and quality of screen.

Russian No. 1 chain restaurant Shokoladnitsa Babi Sabi will serve you a delicious meal, hot coffee and cold beer. At the same time, you can  enjoy the fried beef and Mongolian dishes at the tent which is located in the left side of department store.  

Our event will officially begin at 8pm on April 20, 2018, and the opening day you can watch the super stars, dancers, and cover singers performances. At that time, you can enjoy UB comedy show too. Furthermore, At 11pm, we will be directly show you the live stream of  the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

In front of the Department Store where you will enjoy the fun time with your friends and club members. We will play various fun games during the live stream and the winner can get the free beer.  Also, souvenirs, scarves, hats and water bottles of FIFA 2018 players will be sold there too.

Nice summer days

Outside field of the State Department Store

At the center of your beautiful city

Enjoying the live stream of the World Cup and lets have fun altogether