Visit Tokyo Disneyland with CANDO

Do you need anything right now? 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy everything you need at MNT3499 each in one shop? You will find many of the items you need CanDo Mongolia shop with only one visit to the shop.

By picking any 5 items out of over 10,000 product items, you will become entitled to participate in a lottery, the winner of which will be given a ticket to visit Tokyo Disneyland. Make sure you also visit CanDo Mongolia Facebook Page so that you do not miss an opportunity to win special giveaways.

Our Branches:

1. Nomin Department Store next to Urguu Cinema in Micro-districts 3 & 4;  
2. Nomin Unur Branch located to the south across Tsambagarav Street in Micro-district 1; 
3. Nomin Etual in Micro-district 11; 
4. Nomin Allmart in Micro-district 13, 
5. Nomin Naadam Center in Residential District 120 Myangat,
6. Nomin Ringroad 32 on the Second Floor; 
7. Nomin Dragon on B1 Floor, 
8. Nomin Rivergarden near Marshall Bridge; 
9. Nomin Sunshine Residential District on the north side of Service Center 19;
10. Nomin Darkhan in Darkhan Town; 
11. Nomin Erdenet Warehouse Sale.

We welcome to visit and shop with us.​