Up to 70% Warehouse Clearance Sale

Worldwide, people have been truly enjoying energy efficiency and saving thanks to LED lights of highly energy efficient technology and other electronic products of latest technology. That’s why these products are widely used now.

From ordinary smaller families to wealth creating entities, we all incur costly expenses for our power consumption. Do you know we can save a lot of money we spend on energy just by replacing a light bulb or changing your electrical wiring?       

For instance, let’s imagine an entity that consumes 4,474,054 kW/h. It spends MNT768,165,123 on energy. By using 70 to 80% energy saving LED lights, its energy consumption comes down to 2,765,362 kW/h per month and the energy cost down to MNT403,274,018. This means MNT364,891,105 can actually be saved.    

For that reason, Nomin Energy is offering up to 70% discounts on lighting products and other electronic products of world renowned brands, such as Philips, Opple, and EGLO so that Nomin Energy customers can experience and become aware of such saving. A warehouse clearance sale featuring LED lights, for which customers can have 1-year warranty period, is offered at Level 1 of the Nomin United Department Store. It will continue until the end of this month.