The 15th lucky winner to attend the Tokyo Olympics has been identified

It is less than 6-month away from the beginning of the XXXII Olympic Games in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. The first ever Olympic Games that the Mongolian team attended and also the first Olympic Games in Asia took place in 1964 in Tokyo and it is now after 56 years that the Olympic Flames will be in Tokyo again. Tokyo 2020 Olympic games will be attended by the largest number of sportsmen or 4,400 athletes competing at 42 locations 339 sets of medals in 33 types of games.

Nomin Holding LLC has decided to organize a bonus program about "Together towards – Tokyo 2020" and reward 20 lucky winners with the right to attend the Olympics Games. On 2 January 2020, via live TV transmission on Channel C1, 15th winner has been elected. 

The winner Oktyabri stated "I have never been a lucky winner before. I am thrilled to have become one. I never trusted in such programs before. On 2 January 202, many people called me to inform and congratulate me on having been selected as the winner. However, I did not believe them and I had to come here by myself and only now do I believe. Nomin lotteries are real. Close to our home is the sales place “Darkhanii birj” and my children suggest that we purchase our groceries from there. However, I have been a patron with Nomin and I am lucky to have become a lucky winner. Good luck to your colleagues". 

The last 5 lucky winners will be identified on 2 February 2020 on live transmission and we are delighted to inform that you too have an opportunity too.

National investor NOMIN HOLDING.