Nomin Holding LLC is organizing for the second year, the “Nomin Scholarship Program”. The purpose of that scholarship is identify, support and inspire those students who aspire to be future specialists and leaders and are exceling in their academic life and social activeness. 2019-2020 Scholarship Program will select “Best 25” students and provide their study tuition.

Within the framework of the program, on top of study tuition support, the students will be provided with opportunities for internship in their field of study and obtain related interest as well as job possibility for those who graduate successfully.

General criteria for the scholarship:

  • Be a student at national university in 3rd year or higher,
  • Have a GPA of 3.2 or higher,
  • Be active in social and humanitarian works, be a leader and to have successfully participated in professional competition, researches and presentations,
  • Be willing to persistently pursue study in one’s chosen field and be a future leader,

As a participant in “Nomin Scholarship Program”, YOU will benefit from:

  • Study tuition scholarship,
  • Introductory and industry internship,
  • Opportunity to be provided with a job upon graduation

Scholarship program selection:

  • The selection process will have 3 stages.
  • The selection committee will be acquainted with material from the scholarship participants and identify the 50 students with the highest scores.
  • Select 50 students will be interviewed in the second stage and Bes 25 students will be identified.
  • Best of the Best 10 students will be selected based on the result of presentation competition according to the chosen topics.
  • Names of the highest-ranking 25 participants will be announced on https://holding.nomin.mn/ 14 October 2019.

Application material:

  • Letter of interest,
  • 1% passport photo (size 3x4cm),
  • Academic reference attesting to the student’s academic results
  • Evidences to prove the student’s social activities involvement as well as personal achievements
  • 500-800 words essay on either of the topics: “Revolution in workplace in digital era and the development tendencies”, “Digitalization and sales sector”, “Information-based knowledge”, and “Effective use of social media in business”
  • The aforementioned materials must be sent to https://form.jotform.me/92538210703451 by 6pm, 1 October 2019.

National investor Nomin Holding LLC