Nomin Holding LLC and Mongolian National Olympic Committee has signed a collaboration agreement

On 20 August 2019, Mongolian National Olympic Committee and Nomin Holding LLC has entered into a “Olympic Partnership Agreement”. The agreement was entered into by E.Badar-Uugan, Secretary General of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee and S.Sainbat, Executive Director of Nomin Holding LLC.

According to the agreement, Nomin Holding LLC is becoming a formal partner of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee and will collaborate towards advertising of the “Tokyo-2020” as well as dissemination of Olympism-ideology. 

Nomin Holding LLC is delighted to work as Official Partner of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee and take part in its meaningful endeavours. Moreover, we are delighted to have started bonus program “Together Towards Success – Tokyo 2020”, which enables our customers and clients as well as employees of Nomin LLC to share the joy of our Olympic team at the location of the Tokyo Olympic games.

We have opened our branch store No. 48 recently and are serving approximately 1mil customers a month. We are proud to inform that customers are open to partake in lottery to win the possibility of Tokyo summer Olympics.

We are grateful to our patron customers and clients for the loyalty.

National Investor

Nomin Holding