First 5 winners of the “Together to Success Tokyo 2020” bonus program has been identified.

Nomin Holding LLC organizes many bonus programs aimed at its customers and clients. Every purchase in the amount of MNT 55,555, gets entitled to a lottery card and the lucky 20 participants will win the right to view the Tokyo Olympic games. On 20 July 2019, the first 5 winners were selected.  Their Nomin purchase receipts numbers and the names are as below:

  • 9250625181746954-594455009 N.Ninjbadgar
  • 5800609120019587-076467106 J.Delgermaa
  • 5640630110432824-363215061 N.Altangerel
  • 3960623171945114-696623534 D.Оtgonbayar
  • 5700704213456251-856325058 S.Baasanpurev

You can also become a winner. Please make purchase at any of the Nomin chain stores in the amount of over MNT 55,555₮ and become part of “Together to Success Tokyo 2020” bonus program. The next winners will be announced on 20 September 2019 on C1 television channel.