First time in Mongolia, right to have membership warehouse trade has been opened

World service standard levels are growing every day. Specially, HORECA, hotel, restaurant, catering and public food service are subjugating to much percentage on the market.

These services should be provided by the international standards of equipment, clothing, furniture, food and cleaning materials. The “Nomin Business Club” is the first ever opened in Mongolia with these high standards of HORECA products.

This sector’s officially opening ceremony was held on 7th of June, with more than 300 small and medium entrepreneurs successfully organized on the Ulaanbaatar Impex warehouse.

“NOMIN BUSINESS CLUB" is a larger sized component of HORECA’'s Warehouse, Distribution and Manufacturing and it is a brand new concept for customers with special" Membership ".

We  are pleased to deliver that you are returning 2% discount on quarterly purchase to have your membership.