Nomin Holding LLC Trade and Service sector to select of TOP 100

MNCCI with the Government of Mongolia in 2018, Nomin Five Trading, Nomin Trading and Nomin Holding have been successful in the 'Top 100' business that has made a real contribution to the state’s socio-economic development. This is the 18th year event, Nomin has 16 years of continuous success. Nomin Five Trading LLC is ranked 22th among the leading top 24 companies of trade and service of 2018 'Top 100'.

We introduced the supermarket self-service system and the network shop discount card, with the most number of 2018 chain stores in 2018, Nomin Bonus card customers with around half a million, with over 5600 employees contributing 4 percent of Mongolia's imports and about 250 international brands as well as Russian franchise Chocolatenitsa and Vabi Sabi restaurant chain, and the 21st Century Real Estate Brokerage Office.

All chain stores are operating at the same level as International quality assurance standards and all products are certifying by Eco standard labs and giving lowest price assurance.

Thank you for your support,CONSUMER, USER, and CUSTOMER  to always be with us.