Nomin Holding group in support of intellectual investment

Nomin Holding group has been expanding its activities in many sectors and every year 200-500 jobs have been created. These steps support full time and part time jobs for higher education students and newly graduates.

Marketing and commercial departments of National University of Mongolia and Nomin Holding LLC has organized “International Business” Olympiad among 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students of universities that prepare professionals in business management and 19 teams from 8 schools are taking part.

The purpose of this Olympiad is to develop skills needed for working in business practice, make correct decision and conducting research. First stage of the Olympiad shall be organized on 21 April 2019 and results will be announced on the same day. Second stage of the selection shall be organized on 27 April 2019, research will be done according to given instruction, develop a solution for the problem at hand and present it to the judges and 1-3rd places of the Olympiad shall be selected and announced.