Master Salesperson 2018 October – B.Batsaikhan

Story about joining Nomin

I first joined based on an ad. I have been working since May 2018.

Have you ever worked in other branches before?

I used to work as an operator at Skymedia.

Have you ever thought you would become a master salesperson? What was your reaction when you first found out?

When the organized first introduced regarding the competition, I was thinking this is very new and I cannot do this. Then it was informed that I became a winner. I remember the day must have been Chingghis Khan’s birthday.

How did your family receive this?

I informed my mother.

Have you ever participated in other competitions organized previously by Nomin? No.

Would you please share from your sales methods and experience?

I try to attract customers. It is important to understand them and introduce products that meet their needs. It is important to know all products and be able to freely introduce them.

Any advice for other sales staff?

It is important to value customers and clients. As for I try my best to explain properly pros and cost of the products. It is important to be agreeable to clients and connect with them on light terms and obtain their attraction.

What do you like about your job?

I try my best to be nice to my colleagues, hence no stress.

Any messages for your colleagues?

I am grateful to all my colleagues. May all their wishes become true.