Master Salesperson for 2018 October – M.Turbold

Story about joining Nomin

I first joined in August 2012. I first submitted my application form in the position of import manager. However, in order to know well about the products, I started working as sales staff. I have since then worked at Nomin energy, IT and electronics fields of Nomin companies.

Have you ever worked in other sectors?

I used to work with international humanitarian organization and as a bartender at Blue sky hotel.

Have you ever thought you will become Master Salesperson? What was your impression when you first found out?

No. When I first heard about the competition, I was thinking I cannot make it. Because, electronics sales have more complicated sales planning than other sectors.

I first heard from manager Tuvshintugs. At first I thought they must be kidding. Last month, I was hopeful, but was not successful. However, this month I have obtained this.

How did your family receive this?

My wife works in Nomin. When I told my wife we will be travelling 5 countries, she asked “what about me?” (smiles). My colleagues were very happy.

Have you ever won other competitions organized by Nomin?

I became one of the “25 millionaires”.

Would you please share from your method and experience of sales?

It is important to know the active sales period of the goods you are selling. We always work with the clients we work with and provide them with pricing quotations. We collaborate with our sales team.

Advice for other salespersons?

Always develop yourself and learn anew. Instead of just selling goods it is important to learn about the products and expand one’s understanding. Instead of asking someone directly, it is important to independently learn from internet and other information websites.

What do you like about your job?

Colleagues and work environment

Any message for your colleagues?

Let’s work hard. Thank you to my colleagues for the constant support.