Master Salesperson for 2018 October - T.Uranbileg

Years of working: 6 years

Story about joining Nomin

I graduated from "Gazarchin" institute. In 2012 I started working at a rental slot at Nomin Plaza.  Then I obtained application form from Nomin employees and submitted the form and joined Nomin. I have been working as sales staff since September 2015 and cashier salesperson since December 2015.

Have you ever worked in other branches before?

I joined Nomin first.

Have you ever thought you would become a master salesperson? What was your reaction when you first found out?

I saw on Nomin local program and introductory materials. Then I thought it will work out if I try. This month I really tried hard and there was a hope.

How did your family react?

Manager called me to step in at 4pm, November 8. In fact, I was a little anxious thinking I may have caused some small problems. But on the contrary, the manager congratulated me. At first I could not believe myself, But I was very happy. Then I thought I will try harder next month.

First I told my mother, then my husband and all my family was so happy. I think hard works really pay off.

Have you ever won in other competitions previously organized by Nomin?

I became a best employee in 2016. Also I was successfully selected twice in competition “Who will best register finger prints”.

Please share from us your sales methods?

Speediness, nicety to customers and offering an alternative when products are being returned are important.

Any advice for other sales people?

One will become successful if duly diligent.

What do you like about your job?

Many advantages bonus, social insurance and remuneration. We are generally happy.

Any message for your colleagues?

Thank you so much for the continuous support.