Master Salesperson for 2018 September - S.Ariunaa

Story about joining Nomin

I first joined Nomin Standard in February 2009. I submitted CV and joined. I join as a “floor organizer” in 2012 and became import manager.

Have you ever worked in other branches before?

I worked privately and then in a construction company.

Have you ever thought you would become a Master Salesperson? What was your reaction when you first found out?

I was rather confident. I was hoping I will become one in August, but I did not and then I became one in September. I am very happy. I first from the HR department. The benefit is really great. Travelling to 5 countries is great.

How did your family react?

I did not tell them immediately. I told them on the 12th, which is my son’s birthday. I proud of myself. I became more confident. This is in fact a result of many people’s cooperation including our CFO.

Have you ever participated in other competitions in organized by Nomin?

I became a “Millionaire”. I also became the best employee.

Would you please share from your sales experiences?

Construction material sales are seasonal -  active during spring and autumn. Therefore, a good survey is conducted during winter season when the sales are low. When the sales are active, it is important to have prepared enough stock. When receiving stock, it is important to not just throw to the storage, but to prepare for the sales and organize training to sales staff about quotation and knowledge about products. Product researches are done well. I deem it is important to prepare the weapon for the sales team.

Advice for other sales staff?

It is important to do things consistently and wholeheartedly. It is important to be active and proactive.

What do you like about your job?

It is great to learn about new goods, products and technique. In turn, it becomes an advantage.

What is hard about your job?

There is not much that is difficult.

Any message for your colleagues?

Peculiarity of our job is everyone’s participation is vital. Therefore, we are “Stronger together”. Also I am very grateful to Nomin company. I am grateful for the fact that the company always activates these people and organize competition etc. for its employees.