Master Salesperson for 2018 September - Ts.Ariunbold

Years of employment: 18

Story of joining Nomin

I joined Nomin in 2001 as a lifting staff at the State Department Store. I became the first sales person. I have been in charge for different sections including liquid food, cashier and checkout point etc. Now I work as a sales representative.

Have you worked previously in other branches before?

In general, in terms of branches we have worked at the State Department Store, Plaza, Khoroolol 10 and Foods branches.

Have you ever thought you would become a master salesperson? How did you feel when you found out that you have become a winner?

I heard about that from the managers. As the requirements have seemed rather easier, I did intend to become the master salesperson.

How did your family take this?

I heard the news from HR department. I was then at home. At first it seemed rather surreal. When summoned to attend “Shokoladnitsa”, I was rather curious about what to do. My family was very happy. My spouse also works at Nomin.

Have you ever won in a competition previously organized by Nomin?

I became the best employee in 2006.

Would you please share from your sales methods?

Reliability and the approach of acting as committed. I try my best to do all that depends on me. That is how you obtain the trust of your customers. There are many loyal customers who have been with us through many years. It is important to not lose their trust.

Advice for other sales people?

Do not lose people’s faith. It is important to learn when being taught something. I grew up with my grandmother, therefore I find it nice to learn stuff.

What do you like about your advantage?

My colleagues and reputable company.

Any message for your branch colleagues?

Thank you to everyone who has worked with me over the 18 years. Particularly thanks to my colleagues at “Nomin Foods” director Bayasgalan, manager Narmandakh and colleagues.