Master Salesperson for 2018 September - B.Bayarjargal

Years of employment: 12 years

Story about joining Nomin

I joined Nomin first in 2006 as a salesperson.

Have you worked in any other Nomin branches before?

Yes, I have worked at several branches: 11 khoroolol branch and securities etc. I started my working career with Nomin company.

Have you ever thought you may be becoming a Master Salesperson? What was your impression when you found out that you became a member?

I never intended to become one. I was very excited to travel with my colleagues. I found out on October 11 at State Department Store.

What was your families’ take in this?

First of all, I informed my parents and my family. I was very happy and proud of myself. I thought it is the benefit I am reaping after many years of hard work.

Have you ever participated in other competitions organized by Nomin?

I was one of the “25 million” winners.

Would you please share from your methods of sales?

When people come to the cashier, I explain in details regarding the goods and products as well as benefits and bonus programs. I try to interact as much as possible with buyers and customers. I try to assist them with making the optimal choices. We made good use of “Fortunate Shopping” bonus program. We publicize well the advantages that Nomin has as a program.

Advice for other sales professionals?

I think it is important to have an ownership mentality. Everything starts from the small. Therefore, it is important to be patient. You also become so used being a part of Nomin. It is important to have a “problem-solving” mindset, be patient and deal with problems when dealing with some “difficult” customers.

What do you like about your job?

I like it a lot that is why I have worked at Nomin for this long.

Any advice for your colleagues?

I love you and very grateful to you guys. My award is your award.