Master Salesperson for 2018 September - A.Luvsanjamyan

Story about first joining Nomin

I started working in May 2018 and the probation period ended in June 2018. It has not been too long since I became a permanent employee. I sent CV on Biznetwork. I jokingly wrote “You will not regret hiring me” and the next day I got a call and was immediately hired. HR department took the joke well.

Have you worked in other sectors before?

I was working in retail sales before.

What was your impression when you became the Master Salesperson? Have you ever thought you would become one?

Everyone knew about Master Salesperson competition; all must have wanted to become one. I did not express it out, however I was thinking about that and there was hope. At Nomin Motors, the salary is paid 80% and 20%, therefore I have obligation to my colleagues too.

I heard the news from the director. The director said “there is a one good news and one bad news”. When asked which one I wish to hear, I said “the good one”. Bad news had to do with business internal matters.

How did your family take it?

I told my wife first – my son was hospitalized. I was happy and anxious at the same time.

Have you ever participated in any other competitions organized by Nomin?


Please share with us from your sales experiences?

Sales must be very real. Everything must be very real. Because in life we meet the customers again. Customers’ satisfaction is the most real information.

Advice to other sales people?

It is very important to have multiple-lateral knowledge, research well regarding pros and cons of one’s product and know well about competitors. It is also important to be patient. At any sales organization, it is subject to sales. That is why one must wait patiently in order to find big opportunity. Rather than waiting on the users, it is more important to retain existing members.

What is nice about your job?

We have the staff who is most knowledgeable about US cars. Also Nomin is a big name and we have organizations that support us: economics, NBFI, realtor etc.

What is hard about your job?

The market reputation of Chevrolet has deteriorated. It requires an excellent marketing policy. We, as a team are working on improving this condition.

Words for the sector’s colleagues?

The current team is a newly founding team. I would like to say “Let us all join our heart and efforts in overachieving the 2019 business plan”. To my peers and colleagues, I would like to say “Let us all become the best auto-motors team in Mongolia without competitors”.