Nomin Holding LLC has re-confirmed the successful introduction of the three management strategies in its activities.

In 2017, Nomin Holding LLC became the first company to have introduced simultaneously three standards of international management system. Such introductions require annual conformity and on 2019.03.11, the outstanding auditors from SGS has evaluated the implementation of the standards. The auditors have confirmed that Nomin Holding LLC has, in the past year, successfully introduced and implemented in its activities the aforementioned standards. The following measures have been taken with regard to introduction and implementation of the standards:

Implementation of the ISO14001 standard:

  • 5,000 sq. meters of green space was created at Nomin United, State Department Store, Nomin Supermarket and Ulaanbaatar Impex.
  • We have collaborated with recycling companies such as ”Polypac”, “Sain tsaas” who receive recyclable items and have transferred 11,000 kg of plastic bags and hence have contributed to the environmental restoration.
  • In order to diminish the amount of the paper usage at the offices, ERP and digital signature systems have been introduced that systems regarding request, review and approval have been automated. This resulted in substantial decrease in the paper usage in the office.

Within the framework of OHSAS 18001 standard implementation

  • Work place risks were determined, and measures were taken to monitor and improve the incidents of recurring OHS risks. This resulted in 96.1% decrease in the reported OHS risks.
  • Accident and incident prevention activities have been continuously implemented and 1294 risks were determined and handled and has prevented 60 medical assistance, 20 property damage cases and 2 life losses.

Within the framework of ISO 9001 standards:

The following surveys were conducted:

  • Customer satisfaction survey,
  • Consumer satisfaction survey, and
  • Employees’ satisfaction survey. 

Measures have been identified and the customer satisfaction measurement has increased by 0.27 point compared with the same from the previous year.

National investor NOMIN HOLDING LLC