B.Chinzorig became the Master Salesperson for September 2018

Name: B.Chinzorig

Years of employment: 2

Story about joining Nomin

I graduated from the National University of Mongolia majoring in finance and economics. Majority of my peers work in banking and financing organizations. As a student I did my introductory internship at a state owned entity. Based on my two internships, I realized that state authority was not my ideal employer. What started with looking at banks as potential employers, ended up with me giving up on my idea and joining Nomin. I decided to try working as an import and sales manager, sent my CV and started working in September 2017. The interview with the director affected me greatly.

Have you worked in any other places before?

Nomin is my first employer.

Have you ever thought you might become a Master Salesperson? What was your impression when you found out first that you became a Master Salesperson?

I did want to become one ever since I heard about the competition. I am personally very happy that 2 people have qualified from our branch.  

What was your family’s reaction?

Most definitely they were thrilled.

Have you ever previously participated in any competition organized by Nomin?


Please share from your sales method and experience.

Our sales sector is rather peculiar to other sector’s sales. I did much sales subject to projects. I did careful research about the projects, determine the market, surveyed the construction material and made calculation.

Any advice for other sales people and specialists?

It is important to be persistent, learn continuously and expand one’s knowledge.

What is nice about your job?

Our colleagues’ atmosphere is very nice. One gets to do much on his/her own and learn to be responsible.

Any message for your colleagues?

My colleagues are mostly young people and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. I would like to express my appreciation for my colleagues who constantly advice and support me.