5 winners were identified at the January 15 2019 event of the “Golden Star” bonus sales. This was a special occasion as there were the first winners of the 2019, as such we share with you the winners’ comments below. “Golden Star” bonus sales continues and next 15 winners will be selected.

G.Baasandorj – Must soum, Khovd aimag

The fact that a winner has been selected in a remote western border region that is 1,500 km isolated from Ulaanbaatar is a proof of how fortunate our rural customers are.

G.Baasandorj has been fortunate with Nomin sales previously. When his daughter left for Japan, they won the lottery to obtain complete set of construction material in the amount of 5 million tugriks at the Nomin Standard store. However, this time, it is the son of the family that is departing for the USA soon. They believe, it is very auspicious that they won 15,877,555 tugriks on this occasion with “Golden Star” bonus sale. With the money won, they will procure goods for the store they run in their local area and serve the local community. They also wish to express their gratitude to their family and relatives.​​



B.Tsagaandorj - Ulaanbaatar

I bought cups at Nomin as presents for Lunar New Year. With this purchase, I won 2,311,685 tugriks. I will purchase rest of the items I need for the Lunar New Year.








Kh. Urtaa – Ulaanbaatar

I always purchase milk for my twin sons at the Nomin 19 khoroolol branch. I purchase the wholesale milk from Batsumber soum sold in liters. Such milk is sold only there and I am very happy to have become a winner.








T.Tsend-Ayush – Ulaanbaatar

I received a call from Nomin about having become a winner. At that time, I thought the friend of mine who works at Nomin Insurance is playing a trick on me. I was told then to watch a live online and my number came up last. My wife apparently has had registered my phone number when she did the purchase and now she is in Korea to study. We have four sons and when the youngest one stopped breastfeeding, my wife has left for Korea. Our eldest two sons have 2 year age difference and the youngest two have one year age difference. There are things that I have planned to purchase for my children. Nomin products are reliable in terms of shelf lives. Since we have a big family, we strive to purchase safe and healthy food. Instead of buying at the (black) market, it is better to shop at a location that has a parking lot and where I can shop with my children. To a certain degree, Nomin does have the cheapest price. Whatever foodstuff we need, we always do “bulk purchase” be it candies or drinks. We have never become a winner at Nomin before. We became winner of 615,114 tugriks, which is a big deal. When asked for a phone number when we did the purchase, we did not mind – as we have a big family, we are always on the lookout for bonus and discount sales. Nomin colleagues also awarded us extra bonus of 368,445 tugriks as we became the fifth winner. We love our family.

You can also become a winner. The next winners will be selected on January 25. Please refer to the following link for further details