Year of employment: 6

Story about joining Nomin

I first joined in 2012 (Khoroolol branch). I also did my introductory internship with Nomin.

Have you worked in any other sector before?

I used to work in a restaurant before.

Have you ever thought you might become a Master Salesperson? What was your reaction when you first found out?

I never thought I would ever win. I was in the countryside on holidays. I noticed that there were many telephone calls, but did not care much. I was approaching the city, then received a telephone call and that is how I knew.

How did your family react?

My family did not believe first; neither did I. Came to the office, held the certificate in my hand and only then did I believe.

Have you taken part in other competitions organized by Nomin?

I once won the “25 millionaires” competition.

Please share from our sales methods and experiences.

I attempt to provide accurate information to all the customers who visited our store and not lose a single customer/client. With time, you learn to “feel” the client/customer and serve according to their specific needs.

Advice for other sales people?

All those who entered the store should be served and specific characteristics of the products should be explained to customers. There is feedback and follow-up for/with customers and information about discount and sales is shared with them.

What is the nice about your work?

Various people from difference sectors become customers and clients, therefore networking opportunities are good. Once you explain well about discount and sales, you develop patrons. What is important is not to lose their trust.

What is difficult about your job?

There is nothing difficult really. Gradually, it starts to feel like home.

Any greetings for your colleagues?

My colleagues are young people and very energetic. I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues who have my back and are always supportive.