Name: Ts.Enkhbayar

Story of joining Nomin

I first joined in 2014. My classmates made a job offer. I joined first as a sales staff, then in 2016 I became a sales representative. Have worked for 2 months and now I am a sales manager.

Have you worked in other sectors?

I used to work for Baganuur Geodesy ULEMJ LLC.

Have you ever imagined that you will become a Master Salesperson? What was your impression when you first found out that you have become a winner?

I never imagined that I would become a Master Salesperson. Our main products are lighting products. They most certainly do not sell out as fast as bread. For instance, 2 contracts that I started discussing in December 2017, only became implemented in August 2018. Our work takes a long time. It was senior accountant Sarantuya that informed us that I was selected as a master salesperson.

What was your family’s reaction?

The first person I called was my mum. She said “Well done son” and asked that I work even harder.

Have you previously participated in any other competitions organized by Nomin?

I was one of the 25 millionaires.

Please share from your method and experience of sales?

We provide more professional and specialized service to our employees. We also offer more frugal and effective usage and provide them reliable and grounded information.

Advice for other sales people?

It is important to continuously learn and improve one’s knowledge.