Story about joining Nomin

I first joined the company in August 2015 at Allmart branch as sales advisor. Then I transferred to State Department Store in August 2016.

Have you worked at any other sectors?

I used to be a salesperson at Suman Gun LLC. Then joined Nomin LLC first because it is a large company.

Have you ever imagined that you would become a Master Salesperson? What was your impression when you found out you became a winner?

When I heard about the competition I was like “I will start packing for a trip abroad”. I was generally confident. I thought I sure will become a winner in September, November or December. And I have managed. Also I was promoted in December. Once I set a role, I persistently push myself.

What was your family’s reaction?

My mother cried when she heard about this. As her son, I have made a promise to her and kept it and it was a gift. When travelling in 5 countries, personal expenses will be covered from “millionaire fund” and my salary.

Have you ever won in any other competition organized by Nomin?

I became “25 millionaires” and Master Salesperson.

Please share with us your sales methods and experience?

Sales people must nicely take care of as well as maintain clean and presentable the section they are responsible for, I believe. When I do these wholeheartedly, it is guaranteed that the products are sold. In order to improve my sales, I learnt to play piano and guitar. Now when a potential customer wishes to check the tuning of the musical instruments, I myself play and check. The fact that I organized much outreach sales must have affected my becoming Master Salesperson. I used to go around and obtain orders from companies and organizations. I research into their needs and demands and based on that I make offers. It is the most important to be aware of the customers’ needs and feel and convince them accordingly.

I conduct the sales based on extensive research into the customer/clients’ needs.