Name: D.Oyunchimeg

Year of employment: 17

Story about joining Nomin

I first started working at the State Department Store. I have been working for all divisions including electronics, children’s goods and souvenirs.

Have you worked in other sectors before?

I have worked as a food technologist.

Have you ever dreamt that you will become a Master Salesperson? What was your reaction when you first found out?

I did want to become one when we first heard about this from the manager. I was on holidays in Zavkhan and my phone could not be reached. That is when my younger sibling was informed. When we finally reached a location with mobile connection, I found out that my younger sibling has left many messages urging me to call as soon as possible. I was worried and called him immediately only to be informed that “You had become a winner”.

How did your family react?

They were thrilled to be informed that I was selected as a Master Salesperson. They said “All the hard work working for Nomin for many years is paying off”.

Have you taken part and won in other competitions organized by Nomin?

I became a Master Salesperson in 2010, best salesperson for the “25 million” competition and have been successfully taking part in every competition organized by Nomin.

Please share from your sales methods and experiences?

I strive to do all within the set timeline and keep strictly to time. I think when someone shows up late to work, he/she in incapable of properly concentrating. The section I am in charge for sells luxurious crystal products. I try to act wholeheartedly towards the products I sell and keep them clean. Also I am nice and helpful to each customer and help them make the correct choices. Sometimes, customers leave their telephone numbers and are contacted when the products they want are back in stock.

Advice for other sales professionals?

How one works and proceeds is completely up to that person. Sales people must treat all customers nicely and wholeheartedly. Even when the customer does not make a purchase, if he/she is treated nicely then the customer will come back. It is also important to know the peculiarities of all the products and advice the customers.

What are the nice things about your work?

It is common for customers to come to our section for purchase during holidays not sure of what to purchase. Every time, it is nice to be able to advice and help them make selection and they leave very satisfied.

Would you like to extend greetings to your peers and colleagues?

First I worked for many years for State Department Store and now I work for Nomin Department Store. I would like to extend my gratitude for everyone I have worked with during this time. Particularly line manager Otgonbayar and Undral, with whom I collaborate very successfully.