Testimonials from "GOLDEN STAR" BONUS SALES winners ...

 My name is Tsengel. I bought slip-rope in the amount of 700,550 tugrugs at the Misheel branch. The amount has been increased 5 times and became 3,502,750 tugrugs. It has been only a month since I delivered my baby. I had forgotten about the “Golden Star” selection day. I was very happy when I found about the bonus. The funniest part is I had gotten rid of all the e-receipts. That evening I told my husband and we went through our 2-day garbage for 2 hours and found it. When I made the 700,550 tugrugs purchase, I thought “If I become the lucky winner, I will purchase a television” and here I am the now the lucky one. I would suggest others to keep the receipts properly. I first shared the exciting news with parents and will make them happy with the trophy.


My name is Oyun, I made a purchase of a frying pan at the State Department Store for 149,991 tugrugs. When the cashier asked for my phone number, I gave it rather reluctantly as it is very common. I am very happy as the purchase amount has been increased by 5 times and is now 749,955 tugrugs. Nomin discount/benefit programs are real! For some reason, I had had kept the receipt. We wish Nomin team best of luck. Thank you.





Hello, my name is Gankhulug. I had bought at Chuluun Ovoo branch milk for my son for 56,499 tugrugs. This has been increased by 5 times and became 282,495 tugrugs. When I was at the cash paying for the purchase, out of the blue I received a phone call about becoming a winner and I thought this must be a joke. As soon as I finished the call, I called my wife.





I am Batzorig. I purchased grocery from River Garden branch for 126,616 tugrugs. The amount was increased 5 times and became 633,080 tugrugs. I received a phone call about becoming a winner when I was at work. My wife’s birthday is December 2. I bought a cake and present for her at Nomin and this purchase made me win. I am winning for the first time. His daughter: my daddy became a winner, I want him to buy some presents for me.




Hello, I am Sod-Erdene. I purchased at Khoroolol branch an air purifier 499,990 tugrugs. This was increased by 5 times and became 2,499,950 tugrugs. People do not immediately believe when one is informed that they are a lucky winner. I also did not believe and had to check the FB live. I plan to purchase Smart TV. When talking to my family, I was saying “what people say is true”. These discount/bonus lotteries are real; I am very happy.





I am Enkhbat, I purchased cosmetics for 423,400 tugrugs at the State Department Store. The amount was increased by 5 times and became 2,117,000 tugrugs. With this money, I will make my parents happy. The call came when I was with them and at first I thought it must be a prank. Thank you. Please purchase at Nomin. 






Hello I am Ankhtuya. I purchased at the State Department Store cognac for 1,097,716 tugrugs as present. I was not aware of the “Golden Star” program. The purchase amount now is increased by 5 times and is now equal to 5,488,580 tugrugs. Please frequent Nomin. Thank you!





Hello, I am Munkhbat. I purchased at the Khoroolol branch vacuum cleaner for 299,991 tugrugs. Now the amount is increased by 5 times and is equal to 1,499,955 tugrugs.

Please click here for more information about the winners of the “Golden Star Program”. https://holding.nomin.mn/mn/post/996