Name: Ya. Tseren-Otgon
Year of employment: 10

Story about joining Nomin 
I joined the company in 2008 because my brother in law worked for Nomin. I was a member of the security staff then and I'll never forget my first security guard uniform. I worked as an "address delivery" clerk a Nomin storage for 3 years until 2011. Then, I wanted to become a salesperson at the State Department Store. Unfortunately, there were no open positions, so I worked as a loader for another year until the Dragon Center brand opened. I transferred there and worked as a salesperson until April 2018, and now I work at Unur Khoroolol branch. 

Which other sectors have you previously worked in?

I had various jobs such as a security guard and a tailor.

Did you ever think you would become a "Master Salesperson"? What was your reaction when you first found out that you had won?

As soon as I heard about the competition, I decided that I was going to work hard to become one! Only a month later I became one of the top 5. Nomin's HR department called to inform me about the result. I was so thrilled that my hard work had paid off. 

What was your family's reaction?

My wife and children were very proud. My children asked me "Can we not all go together? (Laughs)

Have you taken part in other competitions organized by Nomin?

Yes, many others. I was also the first winner of the "25 Million" competition, a "Best Salesperson", and the "Best Salesperson of the Month". All of my success is thanks to our customers. Without our customers, after all, there would be no sales.

Please share from your sales method and experiences. Do you have partners in 21 aimags?

Yes, I have partners in all 21 aimags, most of whom are in the Nomin Electronics department. I also started selling carpets since I started working for Unur Khoroolol brand and developed partners at Narantuul and other markets. Communication and collaboration are key. 

How do you locate and retain patrons?

It is easy to find customers, but difficult to make them patrons. In order to make sales one must know his/her products like the palm of their hands. I try to have good relationship with all of my clients. It is important not to lose their trust. It is highly likely that with a minimum defect or unsatisfactory event, the customer will not come back. Therefore, I personally check the quality of the products and pack these when handing over to the clients. Particularly for products being dispatched to the countryside, this process is even more important.

Advice for other sales personell?

Never lie about the product you are selling, treat the products as if they were your own belongings and pack them neatly. Sometimes new sales people do not check and clean their products before packing for clients. This becomes a reason for a customer to be unsatisfied.

What are the benefits of your work?

Nomin, as a business, does recognize and value hardworking people. It is a wonderful place, were the longer you work the more appreciated you are.

What are the disadvantages of your work?

There were times when I wanted to give up. First when I started my job, my salary was 15,000 tugrugs. But still I did not give up. I thought to myself 15,000 tugrugs is still a lot of money and decided that next salaries will be double and started working even harder.

Would you like to send your regards to your peers?

I am very grateful to Nomin for always supporting its emploees. Moreover, I am grateful for all my peer colleageas who have been very helpful at all times.