Nomin customers can collect and use “U-Point” program points

 Large national companies will implement a “United Loyalty” or “U-Point” program. Joining the program are leading business entities such as Nomin Holding, Teso Corporation, Unitel group, Café Bene, Monbakery, Metro Express, Mongol Em Impex concern, Tous Les Jours and Univision.

“U-Point” is a service that unifies the bonus and discount programs of large national businesses.

It has been 16 years ago since Nomin Holding LLC introduced the first loyalty card for families. With half a million patrons now, these cards are used every day at chain stores and service centers under the auspice of “Nomin”.

Customers usually benefit from discount cards from specific business entities, when utilizing products and services from the issuing business only. However, the advantage of “U-Point” program is that all bonus scores will be collected in and can be used from a single bonus card in relation to all national leading businesses who joined the program. Moreover, such businesses will allocate “U-Point” score equivalent to 3 percent of the purchase amount.

A wide opportunity to save and use as cash in a single card the points from purchases.

One “U-Point” score equals one tugrug (MNT). Customers can benefit from use of the scores in an amount equivalent to 50 per cent of the total purchase. Moreover, there is an added bonus of such use of  “U-point” scores creating more bonus scores. Therefore, there will never be a zero “U-point” score.

There are many benefits of the program such as points collected from Nomin purchases can be used for products and services of other “U-point” program entities, money can be saved depending on the sales amount of the purchase, and there will be no need to be keep many bonus cards.

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