Nomin Holding LLC launches cooperation with Korean conglomerate Lotte Mart

Nomin Holding LLC, a leading entity in the business areas of trade, service, production, and financing in Mongolia, signed an agreement today to collaborate with Korea’s Lotte Mart. In recognition of Nomin Holding LLC’s many years of experience and knowledge of operating in trade and service areas in Mongolia and successful implementation of many franchising projects involving Mango, Next, Terranova, CanDo, Shokoladnica & Vabi Sabi, and Century 21 among others, Lotte Mart launched the cooperation.    

To meet the growing demands of our customers, we will cooperate with Lotte Mart focusing on the following two main areas:

  • selling Lotte Mart’s goods and products at the Mongolian market as an exclusive distributor under a distributorship agreement;
  • introducing Lotte Mart’s service standards and store management strategy in Nomin chain supermarkets and stores as part of the franchising agreement.

Retail sales makes up 41 percent of Lotte Group’s business operations. Lotte Mart runs 293 branches at the domestic and overseas markets. For instance, it has been successfully running 174 stores in countries like Vietnam and Indonesia. Lotte Mart has been developing approximately 10,000 privately-owned brands, including Tong-keun, Songkeun, Choice L, and Only price.      

Lotte Mart’s goal is creating happy dreams and happy future for its customers. Lotte Mart, currently serving more than a million customers every day in Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam, is aiming to achieve the rank of No. 1 as a distribution company in Asia by the end of 2018.  

Lotte Mart is pursuing the dream of realizing the world in which everyone lives together because the society that encourages each other and puts efforts together is the force that enables us to move forward in the fiercely competitive society and rapidly changing world economy. They put efforts to commercialize the brand name of the small and medium enterprises by jointly developing outstanding products and support their entry into overseas market. Lotte Mart endeavors to become a company that is further loved by its customers rather than simply a growing company.

Reasons for highlighting LOTTE:

  • Customer First

World in which everyone can be happy is the dream of Lotte Mart. As part of its management ideology, Lotte Mart puts customers first. Because they understand that the customer satisfaction is the key to the company’s future success, they give their utmost priority to customers in their management policies.

  • Outstanding Products at Reasonable Prices

Lotte Mart is leading the industry in developing and distributing better products on the basis of exhaustive quality control, wide assortment of products and reasonable prices. 

  • Best Customer Service  

Lotte Mart is implementing customer-first services that not only offer kind treatment of customers and diverse range of customer services but also ensure greater satisfaction by the customers following their purchases. 

  • Pleasant Shopping Environment

Lotte puts its utmost efforts to offer spacious sales areas, diverse range of convenience facilities and convenient parking spaces in order to ensure that customers do not experience any inconveniences in their shopping.

As a result of this cooperation, we will be able to offer quality products and decent services to our customers who have chosen us, meet their demands and create more customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we will put our utmost efforts to be a leading company that makes meaningful contribution to the development and prosperity of our country.

Nomin Holding LLC