Compliance with 3 standards of integrated management systems has successfully been verified and validated at Nomin Holding LLC

In 2017, Nomin Holding LLC became the first entity in Mongolia that has ever introduced three international standards of integrated management systems successfully at the same time. The functionality and use of the systems and standards thus introduced have to be audited annually for compliance verification and validation purposes. On 23 May 2018, top auditors of SGS international auditing firm conducted auditing at Nomin Holding LLC and assessed our performance. According to the audit opinion, it has been verified that Nomin Holding LLC successfully applied and complied with the requirements of the standards during this past one year.    

The main purposes for applying these standards are to create improved customer satisfaction, facilitate safe working environment for all employees, and conduct our business in an environmentally friendly manner on an ongoing basis.

As part of our goals for complying with ISO 9001 standard, we assess and will continue to assess customer satisfaction annually and organize actions aimed at improving customer satisfaction without any delay.

As part of our goals for complying with ISO 14001 standard, we have set the following objectives and target levels to be achieved in 3 years’ time at division, unit and branch levels:

  • Decrease our energy consumption;
  • Reduce domestic water and sewage wastes;
  • Decrease the volume of waste;
  • Reduce the use of boilers;
  • Reduce heat consumption.

As part of our goals for complying with OHSAS 18001, we have made arrangements so that we take active measures based on workplace risk assessment to prevent from incidents and to promote health and safety.

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