Three companies within Nomin Holding Group were selected as three of TOP 100 Entities reaffirming their achievements

In collaboration with the Government of Mongolia, the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry successfully hosted “TOP 100” awards ceremony on 27 April 2018 at the State Ceremonial Hall to recognize, honor and award successful entrepreneurs and businesses making a positive impact on the society and the economy with their meaningful contributions to the country’s development. During this event, Nomin Tav Trade, Nomin Trading, and Nomin Holding were selected as three of TOP 100 entities once again reaffirming their achievements.  

Nomin Holding LLC was the first entity to introduce supermarkets with self-service system in Mongolia.   We have successfully developed into chain stores with over 30 branches operating both in Ulaanbaatar city and the rural areas serving approximately 40,000 customers daily and 1.2 million customers monthly. We are doing our business in partnership with over 10,000 domestic and 1000 international entities representing about 50 countries.  

In 2017, Nomin Tav Trade LLC became the first entity in Mongolia that has ever introduced the international standards of integrated management systems ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001, and OHSAS: 18001 at the same time. It also stepped ahead of other entities by printing out 11,192,184 pieces of VAT receipts. It is Top 3 out of TOP 100 entities with the number of its employees.      

Eight subsidiaries of Nomin Trading LLC that are engaged in foreign trade business have enlarged their operations by either initiating or expanding cooperation with over 20 brands in 2017 towards the next level of development and growth.      

The fact that Nomin Holding LLC made it to prestigious TOP 100 twenty times in total while the event is organized for the 17th year denotes the hard work and effort of the NOMIN team with 26 years of history.