Nomin Holding LLC takes active part in cleaning campaign

Khan-Uul Administrative District actively participated in the “90 Minutes Community Clean Up Campaign” organized as instructed under Order A/301 dated 06 April 2018 of the Ulaanbaatar City Mayor and Order #A/129 dated 12 April 2018 of the Governor of Khan-Uul District.  

During this Community Clean Up Campaign, individuals and entities undertook cleaning of their immediate surrounds, walls, façades, and windows of their premises, repaired their outdoor business signs and signage, improved the look of benches and waste bins in their surrounds, cleaned their doors and entryways, watered the outer surface area to maintain humidity; and painted/repainted their fences and enclosures.       

As part of this Community Clean Up Campaign, the employees of NOMIN HOLDING LLC cleaned the camels statues located in Sub-district One area, footbridges, bus stops, and flowerbeds along the road and removed illegal advertisements pasted on street infrastructure in the area.