YOUR CHOICE – ECO STANDARD Analytical Laboratory

WE, Nomin Tav Trade LLC, conduct high-level, full analysis on products of our clients and suppliers at our Eco Standard accredited analytical laboratory to confirm product quality and safety before they are offered and sold to customers. It is the first ever privately-owned, accredited laboratory where we perform bacteriological, chemical and toxicological analyses by testing all types of food products, cosmetic products, household goods, plastic wares, and children’s toys.    

We are delighted to state the fact that the term “Nomin Chain Supermarkets” or ”Nomin Chain Stores” make customers think of the concept of “high quality, healthy foods” thanks to our joint effort of putting our customers first. According to the results of the customer satisfaction survey conducted as part of our 2017-2018 operations assessment, “product quality” is the main reason cited as by customers/consumers as to why they choose Nomin to make their purchases.

We deliver your products to our customers by serving them with warmth and attention. Besides, the presence of your products in our supermarkets and stores simply conveys the message that they are “healthy and safe products” to our customers.

Strengths of Our Laboratory:

  • Affordable Rates of Analyses
  • Prompt Services – Results are available in 3 to 5 business days.
  • Low volume of product samples required
  • Modern, advanced equipment  
  • Leading private laboratory in Mongolia
  • Introduced ISO9001 Standard

Main Directions of Business Activities: 
Eco Standard analytical laboratory conducts tests on products of domestic and foreign businesses: individuals and entities, importers and manufacturers in the following main areas:

1. Bacteriological

  • All types of foods
  • Cosmetics and household goods;
  • Plastic wares and children’s toys

2. Chemical-toxicological

  • All types of foods
  • Cosmetics and household goods;
  • Plastic wares and children’s toys

Policy on Quality Assurance:

In order to meet the regulatory and client requirements, ensure quality systems, and control our processes, we have introduced international quality management systems in our operations by achieving ISO 9001 accredited certification thanks to the internationally accepted modern analytical equipment, measuring devices and instruments, methods, and qualified human resources we are proud to have. Our operations are in compliance with MNS ISO/IEC 17025:2007 standard.