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Nomin Scholarship Program successfully organized 2019-11-20 Corporate Social Responsibility Мэдээ
The winners of the bonus program "Tokyo 2020" are identified 2019-10-03 Trading business Мэдээ
“NOMIN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM” 2019-2020 ANNOUNCED 2019-09-25 Trading business Мэдээ
NOMIN all needs are fulfilled 2019-09-19 Trading business Мэдээ
Fall Green Fair at NOMIN 2019-09-19 Trading business Мэдээ
Nomin Holding LLC and Mongolian National Olympic Committee has signed a collaboration agreement 2019-09-13 Trading business Мэдээ
First 5 winners of the “Together to Success Tokyo 2020” bonus program has been identified. 2019-07-29 News Archive Мэдээ
Well-renowned Korean brand THE SKIN HOUSE officially in Mongolia 2019-07-24 Худалдаа Фото мэдээ
Nomin Wholesale opens in Uvurkhangai 2019-07-24 Nomin Wholesales Мэдээ
Nomin Supermarket will open a new branch 2019-06-25 Trading business Мэдээ
First time in Mongolia, right to have membership warehouse trade has been opened 2019-06-19 Trading business Мэдээ
ELECTRON NATIONWIDE CELEBRATION 2019-06-13 Trading business Мэдээ
Together for success TOKYO 2020 2019-06-12 Trading business Мэдээ
Nomin Holding LLC Trade and Service sector to select of TOP 100 2019-06-12 Corporate Social Responsibility Мэдээ
Every child with name of NOMIN will receive a gift 2019-06-12 Corporate Social Responsibility Мэдээ
Have you surprised your children yet? 2019-06-11 News Archive Мэдээ
Delicious gift campaign 2019-06-05 News Archive Мэдээ
Nomin Holding group in support of intellectual investment 2019-06-05 News Archive Мэдээ
Use Nomin Bonus card and be served at the ECO OIL gas station 2019-05-16 News Archive Мэдээ
Shop at Nomin Darkhan branch and become an owner of NISSAN LEAF auto mobile 2019-05-16 NULL Мэдээ
"Helping hearts" campaign successfully organized 2019-05-16 News Archive Мэдээ
Spring festival begins at Shokoladnitsa 2019-05-16 News Archive Мэдээ
Auspicious day sales 2019-05-16 NULL Мэдээ
"Nomin Holding LLC" league team wins silver medal from "Business League 2019" 2019-05-16 News Archive Мэдээ
Open morning day and evening 2019-05-16 News Archive Мэдээ
"The UB Coffee Festival" in its third year 2019-05-16 News Archive Мэдээ
Vehicle insurance on up to 35% discount 2019-05-16 News Archive Мэдээ
“Double Bonus” JАCK POT sales 2019-05-16 News Archive Мэдээ
Master Salesperson 2018 October – B.Batsaikhan 2019-04-19 News Archive Мэдээ