Nomin Cosmetics

"Nomin United" Khan-Uul district, Chinggis Avenue, Ulaanbaatar 17042, Mongolia, 210136, P.O.Box 2316





Our vision is to become the premier distributor of cosmetic and FMCG products and always strive to be the number one partner of all customers throughout Mongolia.


Our mission is to provide our customers wall-to-wall service and an ample portfolio with the best possible products suitable for all members of the family with a wide range of products, while guaranteeing our products to be formulated with quality components developed by modern technology, serving your needs of today and tomorrow.

 Our Motto:

Build enthusiastic, ethical and collective team


Our business operation is guided by the following values:

  • Focus on the users and customers
  • Beauty
  • Products quality
  • Social responsibility
  • Nature and the planet
  • Progressive leadership
  • Honesty and trust
  • Customers respect, justice and friendly relationship
  • Creative work, morality and altruism
  • Growth and a positive attitude
  • Prosperous life and ambitious thinking

Who We Are:

We are a company enthusiastic about what we do about what we do and with as passion with the best.  We have 59 employees.  Our employees including 7 managers, 8 merchandisers and 32 beauty consultants are provided the regular training by sales professionals and makeup artists of the highest caliber at the forefront of their profession. They are encouraged to improve their sales skills and polish their creative abilities and consulted on future professional goals.


The Nomin Cosmetics  was founded in Dec, 2009 with 8 employees.    

At the beginning time our misson was "to introduce world leading quality brands to consumers in Mongolia “ and 8 employees was selling 7 brands  to 32 customers. We’ve opened 4 counters sales stores in order to increase usage of worldwide brand products to Mongolian women.

In 2011 and 2012 we have expanded our brands with  famous accessories brands Toscow, Majorica, Zeades, Morellatto, Miss sixty, Just Cavali, Nomination, Edc, Pierre Cardin, Puma, Espirit, such as brands, in 2013-2014 watch brands  Raymond Weil, Salvatore Ferregamo and Versage and Versus, Escada, Aigner, Cerruti 1881, from Jaguar, Bentley, Tonino Lambourghini, Sturmanskie, Aviator, Vostok, Luminox, Timberland, Hanowa, Wenger Swiss Military,Hanowa, Festina, Calypso, Casio brands.  Now we supply over 30 brands such as LO’real, Maybelline, Flormar, Garnier, Lovea, SIR, Moi malysh, Duni, Septona, Purederm, Follow me, and , including Kleannara, CODI, Nepia, OXO, Elenor, Today, Titania from Russia, Turkey, Korea, Japan, France and Germany.

Since Oct, 2016, we’ve been focusing on cosmetics and FMCG businesses and our sales and service activities to the customers is being expanding year to year and we are running into substantial contribution to the company and country development.The Nomin Cosmetics  has sales over 30 brands, covering over 5000 skincare, colorant, make-up and hair  and skin care, body care products, paper, household cleaning products and oral hygiene products under international brands, such as L’Oréal,  Maybelline, Flormar, Lovea, SIR, Moi Malish, Duni, Septona, Purederm, Follow me, Kleannara, CODI, Nepia and Pororo, Today, Titania from Russia, Turkey, Korea, Greece, Poland, Japan, France and  Germany.

Our products are sold in our 30 extensive retail chain supermarkets, 900 retailers which comprises of over 10 own cosmetics counter stores and 12 wholesales markets not only in Ulaanbaatar but also in 21 aimags and cities of region.

We strive to import as many natural, vegetable-derived ingredients as possible in near  future. These types of products are in great demand in our health conscious market.