Nomin wholesale centers

Nomin Holding Company is committed to constantly improve their customer’s satisfaction, comfort, and time by supplying the products that meet the needs of customers. One example is the wholesale center has been operating consistent with international standards for small and medium-sized businesses and consumers in rural areas. Therefore, whole centers have been able to eliminate the differences between urban and rural areas by delivering quality products to rural customers with same price as UB city customers. In the past, a wholesale centers operation has been improving and number of employees has been increasing. Especially, the local wholesale centers are hiring local residents is the real contribution for rural development. After promoting the concepts of wholesale purchase and advantages of wholesale, our regular customers have been tremendously increased.   Each year, wholesale centers held "Business Community Forum" in its place, and work together with the factory service departments of capital. In 2014, 10 wholesale centers are operating in Ulaanbaatar city and rural areas.

In March 27, 2004: Nomin Holding Company invested in trade and services sector of Darkhan-Uul province, and opened Darkhan Nomin Trade Center. Nomin

In June 29, 2014, it celebrated 10-year anniversary ceremony and surprised its customers.

In June 2005, Nomin Warehouse sale was established on territory of UB Impex LLC in 20th Khoroo in Songinkhairkhan District. It is the first warehouse sale in Mongolia. The total area is 11900sqaure meters. There are heavy portable lift, escalator, 10 power loaders (1.5tons), 2 auto loaders (2tons), and 20 wheelbarrows (300kg).

In June 23, 2009, Kherlen nomin business established with area 4053 m2. Average of 600-700 customers a day shop at a store. Over 10000 variety products are supplied from Nomin foods, Homestyle, Fashion, Cosmetics, Nomin electrnics, Erdenet carpet, Nomin motors and 250 other compnaies.

The store is located in the main eastern city Choibalsan, which makes it able to serve residents of Khentii and Sukhbaatar provinces. Furthermore it participates in big events such as exhibitiond between Mongolia, Chita Russia and Manjouri China.


  • Located on the main street, as well as no traffic
  • Safe transportation- no freezing, melting, cracking during transportation. 7-8 times a month from UB city.
  • Standard storage handling
  • All fod and non-food products are certificated

In June 6, 2011, Nomin Khan-UuL wholesale was officially opened at area of !st khoroo, 19th khoroolol, Khan-Uul district. It has fully furnished with furniture which were made in Italy and China. It has a 160m2 storage room with cooling equipments for storing meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruits, and storing tempeture is 0-5C which meet the world standard. It operates selling service in total of 4453 m2 area, which is the one of the biggest wholesale centers in Mongolia, and also run Pharmacy, international food restaurants, ATM, and auto repair center.

In October 14, 2011, “Nomin Holding” Co.,Ltd participated in tender anounced from government, and owned food plant building in Dalanzadgad Umnugobi and started operation in 200-2006. After few years break, branch of “Nomin Tav Trade” Co.,LTD which is part of Nomin Holding Co., Ltd started interior and exterior reconstruction in august 01, and opened in october 14 as “Nomin Gobi Wholesale” Co ., Ltd.

Area of store:

  • Total area used : 766m2
  • Area for selling : 408m2
  • Area for fast food : 277m2
  • Others : 81 m2
  • Volume : 4902m3

In July 2012,  Nomin Chuluun-Ovoo wholesale had established in 12nd khoroo, Chuluun – Ovoo in Bayanzurkh district. Rescontructed with modern design such as distance between pillars is 9m, height of ceilings is 8m, and 3-4 stored shelves with capacity of 1500-2000kg. It meets the world standard which has area of 160 m2 with cooling equipments set.  The temperature for storing room of meat, dairy, vegetable, and fruits is 0-5C. 4346 m2 of 8588 m2 is used for selling area, whcih makes it one of the biggest wholesale in Mongolia.

In July 05, 2013,  The Nomin wholesale Khovd, the new branch of Nomin Tav Trade Co.,Ltd was established and started operation with 30 workers.

In December 2013, The branch “Nomin Wholesale – Baruun Urt”  was established in 7th bag, Sukhbaatar province, and has started operation since December 29. Total area of the store is 2276m2, and there are over 8000 types of products being sold. As well as, there are about 60 parking lots outside of the store. Customers from countryside are able to buy household items, electornics, travels, construction material, erdenet carpet and food product at a time. Nomin Wholesale – Barun-Urt branch has opened officially on April 18, 2014.

In may 2014, the new branch Nomin Wholesale – 22 tovchoo was established in 20th khoroo, Sukhbaatar district.

  • Total area is 3201 m2
  • 46 workers
  • 60 parking lots with paved road
  • able to serve 500*800 customers at a time
  • reconstructed with modern design, 6 m away between pillars, 6m high ceilings, 3-4 stored multilevels of shelves with capacity of 1500-2000kg
  • fully furnished by special orders from China
  • Fully systemized ventilation and lighting
  • Connected with central water and sewer system
  • Fully Automatic systems for information, alarm, and control
  • Capacity of selling more than 10000 types of products
  • Storing meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruits in proper temperature in fully equipped cooling system
  • Fast food, animal pharmacy, ATM, and cosmetics in same area
  • Free Internet and Wi-fi are provided

In July, 2014, Nomin Erdenet Warehouse Sale was established in Orkhon province.

  • The total area of 3889 m2
  • 61 employees
  • 80 parking lots with paved roads for passenger
  • capacity simultaneously serve up to 800-1000
  • Reconstructed with modern design, 6m away between the pillars, 6m high ceilings, 3-4 multi-level shelves with capacity of 1500-2000kg
  • Fully furnished by special orders from China
  • Full system of ventilation and lighting
  • Connected with central water and sewer systems
  • Fully automatic systems for information, alarm, and control
  • Capacity to sell more than 10000 types of products
  • Storing meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruits in proper temperature in fully equipped with cooling system,
  • Fast food, animal pharmacy, ATM, and cosmetic products are located in same area.
  • Free Internet and Wi-fi are provided