1st floor, Misheel Mega Mall, Chinggis Avenue, Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar 17140, Mongolia



In order to create first-ever in Mongolia, CONSTRUCTION HYPERMARKET, in January 2018 were created Nomin Standard construction material center and MMM Trade LLC have joined together to create Nomin Misheel LLC.

Nomin Misheel LLC is a mega project that have become a pillar for public and privately held organizations in the real estate and construction sector of Mongolia by uniting under one roof various players in the sector such as interior material importers and suppliers.  

In October 2018, the 1,200 sq. m second branch was opened in Shur Trading Center located in 100 ail, which is the main location for construction material and the operations was successfully started. The project enabled the creation of first SHOWROOM in Mongolia and met the requirements of the buyers and provided comfort.

We collaborate with 140 companies which manufacture the world leading brands through formal distributorship arrangements and source from over 30 local and foreign supplies over 20,000 kinds of products and supply to our customers and clients.