Corporate Social Responsibility

hen dealing with our corporate social responsibility, our principles are the impact of our activities must be positive for customers, clients, employees, society and environment as well as contribution to solving of hindrances that are causing long-term sustainable development.

  • Nomin Holding LLC has re-confirmed the successful introduction of the three management standards in its activities.

In 2017, Nomin Holding LLC became the first company to have introduced simultaneously three standards of international management system. Such introductions require annual conformity and on 23 May 2018, the outstanding auditors from SGS has evaluated the implementation of the standards. The auditors have confirmed that Nomin Holding LLC has, in the past year, successfully introduced and implemented in its activities the aforementioned standards.


The purpose of introducing such standards are to improve customer satisfaction, create safe working environment for employees and to continuously undertake actions with the aim to be environmentally friendly.
We are continuously taking measures to measure and improve customers’ satisfaction within the scope of implementation of ISO 9001 standards. The following measures have been taken with regard to introduction and implementation of the standards:

  • Decrease energy utility

  • Decrease the clean and grey water waste

  • Decrease the amount of waste

  • Decrease the usage of steam boiler

  • Decrease the usage of heater usage.

The activities have been planned for 3 years and interpreted for unit, department and branch.

Within the scope of implementing OHSAS 18001 standards, in accordance with workplace risk analysis rules, regulations have been made in order to undertake active measures in timely manner for the purpose of accident prevention and ensuring health and safety protection.

  • Student scholarship in honor of Nomin Holding

“Nomin Holding LLC” has been functioning in multiple sectors and create 200-500 new jobs every year and provide permanent and part time jobs for students and new graduates and provide student employment.

This activity has been expanded further and in order to promote intellectual investment, Nomin scholarship has been successfully organized. The scholarship is open to 3rd and 4th year university students and the benefits include:

  • 2018-2019 оны хичээлийн жилд сар бүр MNT 200,000 (two hundred thousand MNT) monthly stipend every month in the academic year 2018-2019.

  • Introductory and industrial internships

  • Job offers upon graduation

  • Participation in public voluntary works and creations aimed at social wellbeing.

As per the scholarship regulations, between 2018.09.10-09.25 over 400 applications were submitted. Criteria for first stage included GPA, active participation in professional research competitions and initiatives as well as essay on the topic “Development tendency in Mongolian Trade Sector” and 25 best candidates were selected.

 Further, in stage 2, the select candidates competed in terms of their presentation and team work skills and expressed their unique competitiveness, passion and amibition as well as future goals through presentation “Who am I?”.

Moreover, the participants met project managers at Nomin Holding LLC, created a project team pursuant to select topics and presented their project based on new ideas and researches.

At the sum of their intellectuality and other merits, 10 finalists were selected as Nomin Scholarship recipients and have received their certificate.   


In order to improve our corporate governance practice, on 24 September 2018, we have organized “HR UPDATE SIMMIT 2019” under topic “Digital transformation” for 150 employees.

 During the summit much information and knowledge has been shared regarding modern HR management tendency and technique for successfully working with new generation employees as well as environmentally friendly business operations, transformation to digital era; impact thereof in productivity; identify development gateways and implement the ideas, recommendations and decisions from the summit.  

  • “Giving is better than receiving” philanthropy project in its third year

Nomin Holding LLC has a tradition of organizing “Giving is better than receiving” philanthropy project amongst all of its branches. This year’s theme is "We have a heart to help and love" and the event was organized on 19-28 April 2018. This campaign has a purpose of creating positive attitude in the society, inspire and encourage each other, particularly the youth to donate not only tangible stuff, but heartfelt encouragements and kind words and develop this as a habit. Within the framework of the campaign “Nomin Holding LLC” and the 32 branches of the company have donated to 150 seniors of Batsumber center and spent a day as children for the elderly who do not have family members to look up to for connection and more.

Clothing items and other materials in the value of equivalent to MNT 6 million has been donated as a token of kindness of the employees. We plan to expand these activities and create “Charity Fund” under the auspice of Nomin Holding LLC with the purpose of helping marginalized groups and handicapped people as well as others who need support.

  • In support of “Bell Football” league

 Not everyone is aware of “Bell Football” for the visually impaired. However, this is a very important sports for the visually impaired. Mongolian Bell Football Federation was established in 2012 and has been working since then to support the visually impaired youth and their health by avoiding lack of physical activities and make sure that sportsmen reached international lev 

Asia Championship of “Bell Football will take place on 15-20 April 2018 in Hangzhou, PRC and our team is taking part in this. Nomin Holding LLC is supporting the team with MNT 3 million.

Further, Nomin Holding LLC has confirmed that within the framework of its corporate social responsibility, the company will provide part time jobs to the sportsmen. The league is grateful that Nomin Holding LLC has shown this vital support during such time and it is also hoped that more organizations and individuals will learn to understand the importance of this important sports.

  • “NOMIN’S GOT TALENT-2018 ” event​

The bi-annual cultural event organized amongst branches and employees on 22 October 2018 under the topic “Nomin’s got talent 2018”.

The purpose of the event is to promote healthy outside-workplace activities, discover talents and improve employee satisfaction and all employees took part in the process via 9 teams.