Supply of goods

About the supply of “Nomin” chain stores

“Sales, serving sector” has been operating in Mongolia for 20 retail outlets in Ulaanbaatar and 28 outlets in retail and wholesale, retailers and department stores. 

These 28 chain stores include more than 10,000 customers and suppliers of over 85,000 products, such as daily food and household goods, household and electronics, ready-made clothes, stationery, souvenirs, travel goods, ornaments etc. selling from them.

Our company will always be open to you and will be pleased to cooperate with you who are willing to sell all kinds of goods that meet the requirements of the standard and requirements of the Mongolian law. 

Material for supply of foods:

  1. 1-2 pieces from the model product

  2. Suggestion of product price

  3. Accredited laboratory testing product, Inspection of PIA inspector, certificate of conformity, investigation papers etc.

  4. Accreditation of the authorized person to make goods and make money

  5. An official letter specifying the item to transfer the payment

  6. Low price guarantee

When you meet the above materials and meet the Supply Manager for that category, you have the right to supply Nomin's products to the Nomin chain stores by securing both trade agreements on both sides.

Click HERE to find the relevant phone manager for the category of delivery

Queue of supply to the store:

Procurator's right to receive goods from the store of each store will be handed over according to the rules and regulations. Reception hours:


Type of production



State department store supermarket, Nomin Plaza supermarket

Daily food items are available early in the morning.

  1. 6:00-12:30


Other stores

All products

  1. 6:30-12:30


  • The Supply Manager will use the customer code to codify the goods to be coded all products.

  • Type the customer code and quantity of the goods to the order and submit the goods to the store's counter.

  • In each shop, copies of the test results of the accredited laboratories of the product to the product are handed over to the goods together with the goods.

  • According to Article 12.6 of the Law on Food Safety, the information contained in the labeling of imported food raw materials must be written in either Mongolian or English or Russian. Uploaded in different languages and translations every products.

  • You must follow the procedures for receiving, reversing and acting on Nomin Holding LLC.

 If you provide the above requirements, our customers will always be happy to cooperate with you.

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