Traditonal souvenir center

Today Mongolian largest, first self-service souvenir shop worked in the 5th floor of Department Store, while for the purpose of supporting the national production and craftsmen through changing and remodeling our National Department Store to reach in main standards of foreign department stores.

A deeply rooted Mongolian Traditional Souvenir Center, which has a reminiscent of Mongolian traditional house with unique ceiling interior, is specialized with 11 departments. They are:

  1. Fur products
  2. Traditional clothes
  3. Felt products
  4. Antiques and religious items
  5. Leather Goods
  6. Fine arts
  7. Mongolian craftsman and fabricated metal products
  8. Dolls and masks
  9. Books, maps, postcards, stamps, music disc
  10. Traditional music, game chiseling
  11. Import souvenirs

Today our shop cooperates with national artists, small businesses of a craft shop and individual entrepreneurs who over 1500 clients, is provided job opportunities and a source of income.

Today we become Mongolian first largest Souvenir Center through our aim of delivering a wide range of national unique souvenirs with high quality to the foreign tourists, guests, and representatives who visit on trip and business to Mongolia, another hand aim of attracting local customers and trade in high-quality products with their consistent.

Souvenir center has a number of advantages of inception is deserved to become the main store for foreign and domestic tourists who have to come in visit.

  • Capacity to serve as many guests and visitors who came as a group at the same time.
  • Provide their safety with guardians
  • With a wide range of products
  • Have the largest trading hall
  • The outside parking is available for tourist group standing.
  • The salesmen serve who have foreign language knowledge
  • Offer high-quality products with cheap price

Mongolian largest 9 engraved masonries are erected in our largest souvenir shop.