Nomin Union

"Nomin United" Khan-Uul district, Chinggis Avenue, Ulaanbaatar 17042, Mongolia, 210136, P.O.Box 2316




“Nomin Fund” provides comprehensive financial services including foreign currency exchange, savings, and loans to companies and residents of Ulaanbaatar. We also provide and facilitate Nomin membership bonus card to retail consumers. Regulating all cash now of Nomin Holding and its subsidiaries.

We currently have a total of 342.480 customers.

Currently, we have 43 employees, all highly educated and experienced and worked over 5 years in the banking and financial industries.

Total asset reached 186.4 billion MNT in 2018.12.31.

Please read about our three business units of NOMIN Fund.

“NOMIN Union” savings & credit cooperative

Nomin Union SCC was established by the Directors of Nomin Holding LLC and named as “Nomin Foundation”. They aware of their social responsibility to improve citizens’ lives and decided to invest in Cooperative in order to lending money to citizens, who are lack of capital and unable to get a loan from the bank and started their operation.  

 Through the course of our 19 years of operation, we had been recognized by our quality and reliable service and have kept the position at the market as a leading and largest SCC in Mongolia. Currently, our Cooperative has 3862 members. According to the indicates of the third quarter of 2018, our fund accounts for 38.3% of total capital of Mongolian Savings and Credit Cooperative system, in which includes 279 cooperatives.

We are fully complying with rules of the Financial Regulatory Commission on “Regulation on calculating and monitoring the prudential ratios of the Savings and Credit Cooperative activities and its compliance”.

As of the end of 2018, Nomin Union SCC had expanded and its total assets reached 76.7 billion MNT and savings of 60.8 billion MNT and credit package of 52.01 billion  MNT.                   

   We are very proud of our successes and we have a full of desire to do more.