Ulaanbaatar Mongolia BAYANGOL disctict 20th khoroo “ECOLOGYBUS LLC”


In 2014, “EcologyBus LLC” was established by starting utilization “EcoBus” factor under the purposes of selling and providing the comfort full machines, which is invented by Mongolian engineers, Involve the brand new field, and compete internationally.”EcologyBus LLC” is performing as producing the gear, metal peripheral, auto assembly under the license.

Our main goal:  

Make the company best in our country as an environmentally friendly field.

Distant sight: 

Manufacture the comfort full, environmentally friendly, reliable machines that satisfy the international standard. Also, provide domestic and foreign market unstoppably.

Our bdellium:

Our bdellium is to contribute the customers, potential of Mongolian engineers, environmentally friendly technology.

Our nay-word:

To imbibe our spirit

To domesticate recent

Make the quality.

Our company is inventing the transportations, gears, metal peripheral, calculation of overworking by AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS programs which satisfy the national standards (MNS 5773:2007, MNS 6224:2010, MNS 6225:2010, MNS 6310:2012, MNS 6311:2012, MNS 6312:2015), and holding the national certificate UBV 000775.

Our engineering team had been working on JEA-800’s trolleybus, duobus, monobus since 2006. Since 2013, they’ve been working for “EcologyBus LLC” We’ve been working to provide 200 types of transportations (JEA-800 trolleybus, Duobus, Monobus, J-800N, J-800T eco bus, J-800ev electrical car) under the purpose of involving the transportation field in our country.

We are working under the following standards:

1.Global Technical Regulation (UNECE GTR)

2.5 local Standards (MNS)(ISO MNS) which are satisfying (UNECE GTR)

  • MNS ISO 6224:2010 ( Main standard of national electrical bus.
  • MNS ISO 3779:2010 (Icon of automotive (VIN) content and structure.
  • MNS ISO 3780:2010 World icon of a factory (WMI) code
  • MNS ISO 4030:2010 (Icon of automotive (VIN) position and reinforcement.
  • MNS 6512:2015 Guide of using the standard MNS ISO 3779:2010 (VIN) for automobiles produced in Mongolia.

Labour force:  

Working with 30 types of professionals including Mongolian monitor engineer, technologist of an automotive, inventor, electrical and electronic engineers, automotive assembler, Eaglesmith, whitesmith, internal layer maker, decoration.

Potential of technology:

Our factory can produce up to 120 Bus. Two to three shifts factory can improve our performance and have a potential of technology to produce alternative products at the same time.

Our big projects don't in the year before:







Started working with 10 man crew to install GM gears of NOMIN MOTORS


By moving the maintenance section.



Built tracker for “Taivan Bike LLC”

Maintenance of bikes, washing and transporting.


Set out the bus (Hyundai county) as a library dedication.



Made a tracker for portable ATM that has a set out of electrical generator on it.

Handed in “KHAS BANK LLC”


J-800 is a bus, which has a roof that is 57cm higher than ground and low stairs which has 2 steps. Also, it has the potential to install facilities to provide comfortably for customers. Its barycenter is located in low. This product is for modern megacity.

A bus that has a diesel engine which is environmentally friendly. Also, it’s engine produces 2,8-18,0 times lower toxic substance lower than DAEWOO BS-106 which is in service now. So we named it ECOBUS.

“Our J-800T has a 41 passenger seat and adapted to Mongolian weather. Our bus is comfortable and reducing the air pollution, which makes us so proud, so as our nationality. Our factory has the potential to produce 120 of this product.

Our aim is to provide the machines and gears of metal gas to substitute the national demand, and to expand our business to provide more places of employment to Mongolian young people.