Nomin Oil LLC

Nomin Oil LLC, which is a branch of Nomin Holding LLC has started its operations on 4 February 2019. Our main management activities will revolve around new sales channel, finding of new ways, expansion of activities and ensure customer satisfaction.

Our vision

To create new image and services for the oil industry in Mongolia and be an entity that is sought-after by the clients and customers.


To localize and implement world best practices, to keep the unit expense at the minimum, be a price-competitor in the market, be a real contributor to the country’s development, have a flexible service provider and be a sough-after company by the people.


  • Nomin-thinking
  • Sparkling enthusiasm
  • Leadership
  • Confidence in the future
  • Public interest


All the needs of our clients’ and customers’ iron fleets are met.

We serve ДТ, АИ-92, АИ-95 grade fuel, and our next branches are envisaged in Dambadarjaa and Khorin khoyoriin tovchoo.