Chinggis avenue-6, Mahatma Gandi street, Naadam center Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Chocolodanicia chain restaurant has started to operate and opened the first branch in the old Soviet Union in 1964 and currently, it has 240 branches in Moscow which is the capital city of the Russian Federation and it has been developing as being a big chain with 80 branches by franchising globally.

Japanese food chain Vabi Sabi café has established in the Russian Federation since 2007 and today it’s operating with 35 branches.

Business Service Branch of “Nomin Holding” company has made a contract with Chocolodanicia and Vabi Sabi chain in December of 2016 and received a franchise in Mongolia. Today we have opened the first branch in Khan-uul district of Ulaanbaatar city and operating successfully.

About the product: It has been still delivering Russian traditional cake style and taste to customers and collecting coffee bean from every corner of the world and frizzling and preparing in our factory and make a unique product with own taste and price as well. We are pleased to work as giving service and taste of food and bakery of Chocolodanicia brand perfectly.


  • Chocolodanicia frizzle coffee bean itself.
  • It has 53 years of experience from the old Soviet Union to current the Russian Federation.