Nomin Bonus Card

States Department Store, first floor, card giving center





As a number one retail supermarket and grocery store chain in Mongolia, Nomin has always introduced first things on the market. In 1999, Nomin Bonus Card, a one of five guarantees of Nomin, was introduced to the market for its loyal customers. The card now has been used by over half a million users and is the only discounted card available to Mongolia that offering the highest level of discount.

Loyalty users will earn from one to ten percent of their total purchase as a bonus into their card, but they will get this benefit on the next purchase, which will be up to fifty percent of their purchase. This is the always active loyalty card that offers continuous incentives.

For example: 

  • User A has a 10% bonus card. At first, user A has purchased BEKO's electronics for 1 million tugriks from Nomin Electronics, which means that bonus of 1,000,000 ₮ x 10%= 100,000 ₮ will be added automatically to user’s Bonus card. So, the first balance of the Bonus Card will be 100.000 ₮
  • At the second time, user A purchased clothes from the Nomin Fashion at the third floor of State Department Store for 200.000₮.  100.000 ₮, which is 50% of user A’s purchase, is paid by the Bonus Card and remaining 100.000 ₮ is paid by cash. In this case, Bonus Card is added by 100,000х10% = 10.00 and now the balance of Nomin Bonus Card will be 100,000-100,000+10,000=10.000₮. Thus, user A saves 110,000₮ and he paid only 90,000₮ for his 200,000₮ purchase.

Today, one in every 3 households in Mongolia and one in every two households in Ulaanbaatar uses the Nomin Bonus Card daily. Nomin Bonus Cards are available not only in all 31 chain stores, located in the city as well as in countryside, but also over 500 retail and service outlets, which rent Nomin supermarket space, use them. The Bonus Card can be used for various kinds of purchases and servises, such as food, electronics, household goods, travel and sports goods, all types of clothing, construction materials, and children’s toys, items for newborn children, souvenirs, clothes, fur, jewelry, watches, hairdressing, sewing, dry cleaning, key making and calligraphy. You can also make a payment for public transport U money card, mobile bill of Mobicom and Unitel bills by using this Bonus Card.

10 Facts of Nomin Bonus Card:

  • The most popular bonus card, used by more than a million people every day.
  • It offers the highest discounts, or 1-10% of bonus on the purchase price, for example, a bonus is up to 100 ₮ per 1000 ₮.
  • It can be used for over 100 thousand different types of food and non-food items in Mongolia.
  • Over 500 brand stores and service centers, which are under the title of Nomin, offer this Bonus Card.
  • Mongolia's first Loyalty Card - It has 25 years of history.
  • The first card available for family use and a husband and wife or parents all can use.
  • With the highest security verification system, this is the first electronic system that fingerprint is used instead of pass code.
  • The benefits of incentives is generated from the incentives and always be active, offering the most cost-effective benefits.

We offer our loyalty users continuous incentives and percent of discounts are depend on amounts that accumulated during the last two years. In other words, the more frequently served by Nomin chain Stores, the greater the percentage of discount rates of card.  At the same place, we offer you all things that you need and bring you the real savings through Nomin Bonus card. This Card had done many development in last year for our loyalty customers, for instance, you can order Nomin Bonus Card online, through , which takes only 5-10 minutes. Also, to prevent misuse of Bonus Card, we introduced fingerprint reader instead of pass code, which is considered to be a pioneer of the new service at the market.  

Furthermore, we will make many improvements of technology in order to care of our loyalty customers and to win satisfaction of the users and, improving our customers' satisfaction, integrating multinational merchandise and services, automating online registration and developing smart apps for mobile phones.

Please, click HERE , if you want to order a card through online, to check your balance and transactions and want more information.