Khan-Uul district, Chinggis Avenue, Ulaanbaatar 17042, Mongolia, 210136, P.O.Box 2316


“Nomin Distribution” branch was founded as an affiliate of “Nomin Trading LLC” in October 2016.  Our company operates based on the needs and demand of our customers and clients and with the aim of creating world-accepted level of sales and distribution.

Nomin Distribution is in charge for logistics, sales, distribution and development of imported goods (food, household items, electronic appliances, cosmetics and construction materials) by Nomin Trading as well as other importers and manufacturers.

Through our storage facilities of international-standard, with centralized-storage-system heating and cooling mechanism and 24/7 security, we are continuously supplying our products to over 1,000 sales points in 21 aimags and implement measures to introduce the products to the market.
Through our over 80 employees and world-standard 30 vehicles, we successfully sell and distribute 18,000 products from over 60 countries.