Nomin kids kindergarten

“Nomin Kids” kindergarden, Chinggis Avenue, Khan-Uul district Ulaanbaatar

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“Nomin Holding” LLC has established and has been operating “Nomin Kids” kindergarten as resolving to international standard since 2013 within social responsibility related with pressing the issue of kindergarten in Mongolia. It has comfortable classrooms which built and decorated by kindergarten standard requirement for children’s learning environment and 100% professional teachers. It has created a comfortable and verified environment furnished with toys and household appliances verified through “Eco standard” accredited laboratory.

Preference values:

It’s focused on children’s nurture and education via improving social responsibility as the purpose of supporting in a necessary field to the home country and nurturing educated Mongolian person with positive attitude.


Providing opportunities to children involve training of acrobat, music, check& chess, training for developing IQ, abacus training and Mongolian traditional board game free beyond attending kindergarten is a big contribution for developing children’s talent. Serving calorific and healthy food 5 times a day and professional doctors created possibilities for children to grow up healthy.


Nomin Kids kindergarten has educated total 2426 children as pre-school education since 2013 it has established.


  • “Nomin Kids” kindergarten has awarded Certificate of “The Best Kindergarten” of the Capital city.
  • The honor of “The Best Furnished Kindergarten” of Khan-Uul district.
  • The honor of “Good Deeds Owner” of Ministry of Education and Science
  • Cup and honor of “Top Standard” from Institute of researching Grand Expo field.