Bonus Card

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Regulations for using Nomin Bonus Card.

Nomin Holding LLC is introducing a card which our dearest customers can have a DISCOUNT on every purchase with the preview purchase’s accumulated bonus. We are recommending this bonus card to our loyal customers-YOU.
What is Bonus?

This is a bonus which is offered by Nomin Holding LLC to make our customers enjoy discounts computed from purchases’ value and available to have discounts for the next purchases. 
If you possess the bonus card:

·         You can have 1-10 percent bonus on every purchase depending on the price of the products. You can save your money amounting same as your bonus points.

·         You can check your consumption by taking your account statement.

·         The main cardholders can check the secondary holder’s transactions.

·         Your purchase will rise by the secondary card holder’s total purchase amount.

·         You will be informed by all the announcements of Nomin Holding’s discounts and bonuses.

·         You can enjoy not only permanent bonuses but special bonuses which are offered by packages of bonuses.

·         You can collect bonuses from any branches of Nomin.

·         You can use your bonus any time you want.

·         You can have double bonuses on products which are having discounts and bonuses.

·         You will save your money as bonus percentage will increase by purchasing frequently

To open the Card 

If you agree on the regulations of the card and want to be a holder, please collect the following materials.

The main cardholder:

  1. Identification card
  2. A copy of your photo sized 3X4
  3. Your request to have a bonus card and agreement
  4. The receipt that you have paid Nomin Bonus card fee.

The secondary cardholder:

  1. Identification card
  2. A copy of your photo sized 3X4
  3. Your request to have a bonus card and agreement
  4. The proof of a family member or the residence must be the same
  5. The main card holder’s request
  6. The main card holder’s identification card
  7. The receipt that you have paid for card fee

The main cardholder and the secondary cardholder will have one account and cards respectively. The secondary holders should be 2 individuals who must be family members of the main cardholder. 

Card percentage

The last two years purchase amount will be saved and the card’s percentage will increase and decrease relatively to all the purchases’ accumulated amount 

  The total accumulated amount of purchases (tugrik) Card percentage 
1 0 – 99 999 0
2 100 000 – 999 999 3
3 1 000 000 – 2 999 999 4
4 3 000 000 – 5 999 999 5
5 6 000 000 – 9 999 999 6
6 10 000 000 – 14 999 999 7
7 15 000 000 – 21 499 999 8
8 21 500 000 – 29 499 999 9
9 29 500 000 – с дээш 10

How to increase the percentages of the card?

Every time you purchase, use your bonus card.  If you don’t use it, it will not be recorded in your archive. The frequent purchases will not lower your card percentage however, it will raise your percentages. If you have Nomin card, it is highly recommended to buy your necessities from Nomin stores. 
Nomin card fee
Admission fee /both main and secondary holders/ 3450₮ 
Renewing and updating the card 3450₮ 
Separating the account 3000₮ 
Changing the password 100₮ 

How to use your card?

  1. When you make purchases, you can only use a card which is registered in your name. We will not provide service if a customer is not the cardholder. Note that if this happens, the card will be seized.
  2. The secondary cardholder must be a family member.
  3. If the main and the secondary cardholders want to separate their account, the account will be separated relatively in both holders archives of purchases and the bonus percentage will be adjusted to that history.
  4. 1 bonus equals one tugrik.
  5. There are 2 different kinds of bonus which are the regular and additional special bonus. A regular bonus is accumulated purchase’s amount. An additional special bonus is announced by Nomin during special holidays and festivals.
  6. The bonus amount that is subtracted from the product price will be the purchase accumulated amount and the accumulated purchase period should be within the last two years. For example: if the last two years’ total purchase amount is equal to 4 million tugriks, your bonus will be counted as 5 percentage. In that purchasing day, if you are going to buy good prized 200,000 tugriks, in your account bonus will be added as 5 percentages which are equal to 10,000 tugriks. The purchase amount will be increased by 190,000 tugriks.
  7. Depending on the accumulated amount of purchases, the bonus will be provided by card percentage.
  8. You can use and make a payment by your bonus which should equal up to 50 percentages of the product price.
  9. If you make a payment by your bonus, the amount paid by bonus will be deducted from the first price amount. After deduction, remained bonus will be calculated and accounted. For example: in your account, you have 80,000 tugrik’s bonus. You are going to buy 200,000 tugrik product and allowed us all the bonuses. 120,000 tugrik’s bonus will be calculated and added in your account.
  10. If you are using Nomin card, it is not allowed to use other companies’ cards such as a discount, bonus, and loyalty cards and so on. Banks’ account card is irrelevant to this subject. Thus, before you make a payment, choose Nomin card or others.
  11. The bill that you have received on the first day of getting the card,  can be added to your accumulated amount and this will be available if the bill is 60 days before you make a request. The bill must not be used in discounts and bonuses.
  12. The cardholder can have the account statement by copy version or e-mail.
  13. In return of a product, if you used the bonus cards /or discount or loyalty card/ or bonus is added to your account due to technical mistakes, the prompt bonus return will be a must.  If the remained bonus is not equal the return amount, pay with cash.
  14. We will not accept your bonus card and will not account your bonus for the next time due to Force majeures, network damages, and power-cut.  During network damages, we will automatically accept your bonus and total purchase amount which is saved in only IP POS.
  15. Nomin Card is distributed in only the State Department Store.
  16. The cardholder has to change the given pin code when s/he receives the card.
  17. The cardholder should save the confidentiality of pin code. It is forbidden to tell the pin code to others even say the pin code out load.  Note that the company will not take responsibility if the cardholder doesn’t save the confidentiality.

You can have your account statement without any payment from the card center. When you take your account statement, you have to bring your identification card by yourself or other papers that must be equivalent to an identification card or you can send your public attorney /should submit a notarized assurance to the accountant of card /. It is certain that a member of your family /wife, husband, mother, father, secretary, assistant and so on/ cannot represent you without any assurances. Note that this is only for your account’s privacy and security.

Samples /regulations of card/

PP-Product price

AB-Added bonus

DB-Deducted bonus or paid with bonus

ABP-Accumulated balance of the purchase

BB- Bonus balance

  PP AB DB ABP Card percentage BB
2007.05.03 100,000 - - 100,000 3% -
2007.05.04 6,000,000 180,000 - 5,920,000 6% 180,000
2007.05.08 200,000 6,000 100,000 6,114,000 6% 86,000
…..       29,000,000 9% 100,000
2009.05.03 1,000,000 81,000 100,000 29,919,000 10% 81,000
2009.05.05 - - - 23,999,000 9%  

Table explanation:

You will have a 3% card at least you make a purchase which is equivalent to 100,000₮. The accumulated amount of purchase will be 100,000₮. In May 4, 2007, when you make a purchase of 6,000,000₮, a bonus will be counted as 3% and a bonus of 180,000₮ will be added. / 6,000,000 * 3% / 

The bonus amount that is subtracted from the product price will be the purchase accumulated amount and by that purchase, 5,820,000₮ will be added and 5,920,000₮ of purchase will be total.  /6,000,000 - 180,000/

On 8 May 2007, you used bonus of 100,000₮ when you make a purchase of 200,000₮. If you make a payment by your bonus, the bonus amount will be deducted from the initial price and bonus will be counted after the amount is subtracted- in your card total of 6,000₮ bonus will be added. / (200,000 - 100,000)*6% / In the accumulated amount of purchase, 194,000₮ will be added. / 200,000 - 6,000 / 

The purchase accumulated period will be defined as the last two years. If you make purchases from 3 May 2007 to 3 May 2009, a total of 29,919,000₮, your card’s bonus percentage will be 10%. Also, from 5 May 2009, the purchase accumulated amount will be 23,999,000₮ and bonus percentage will be 9%. This is related to purchases which were made before 5 May 2007 are eliminated.

If you have any inquiries about Nomin Bonus card and any recommendations and requests, please contact us.