Eco Plastic Factory

Ulaanbaatar Impex, Orbit Street, 20th Committee Songinokhairkhan 37 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian State

976-11-313232, 976-99212152, 976-99212182


Our factory was established in July 2013 and production of plastic products and plastic bags are fully equipped with equipment and a variety of plastic products, plastic bags, in addition to the production of secondary raw materials and waste, uses recycled material advantages.

Director of the factory and industry leaders, engineers, sales managers, accountants, and eight operators with a qualified team of 13 people consisting of skilled employees are located.

Healthy eco-environment supporting primary, exemplary and is to become a national manufacturer.
Our motto
The source pulsation heart for the world - Eco Plastic

We buy new raw materials from Korea and China. So far, all kinds of plastic bags plastic rubbish, folding boxes are manufactured. Further, all kinds of plastic products, and aims to produce high-quality plastic bags.
Our factory is:
ü the plastic affect the environment and stop the spread of plastic bag waste
ü UB services industries plastic bag and garbage bags provide
ü Mongolian citizen of employment and workers' welfare issues and promote reasonable working conditions Songinokhairkhan twentieth and Orbit street, near Ulaanbaatar Impex "Nomin Holding" investment company established a factory as its branches.

Plastic production lines:

CHX-528T models of plastic injection machine PP / PE / PET, using different materials along the horizontal axis and the ability to produce press pins and the hydraulic system is a fully automatic machine.

CHX-528T autoloader / automatic feeder /, chiller / style refrigerator / and dryer / material homogeneous distributor / support, such as hardware.

Crusher crushing machine in the secondary raw materials and production processes, or defective products, allowing re-use ripping. So we waste without full access to all the raw materials.

Washer or washing machine wash waste materials.

Plastic production lines:

Smasher, or crushing and washing machine, a waste plastic bags butaldag washing. Output capacity 200-250kg per hour.

Granulator or wild plum machine for waste plastic bags and manufacturing process defects in crushed peanuts after making wild plum molten. 42kg per hour processing capacity of raw materials.

Blowing machine process raw materials blew molten plastic ribbon. 30kg per hour processing capacity of raw materials.

Corona treater blowing machine has been developed in synthetic ribbons stretched preparing to print.

Printing буюу дөрвөн өнгийн гүн хэвлэлийн машин нь 10-600 мм өргөнтэй хэвлэнэ.

Bag making or disconnect the machine, batch, and continuous operation, 300 000pcs per day net production capacity.

Punching Bag hanger rod or hydraulic pump machine. Once the 10-30pcs bag with a capacity to handle.